What is Shop by Brand for Magento 2?

How matters start

How matters start

A survey project conducted by BrandShop has published some research results after years of e-commerce business experience, according to them:

  • 88% customer will likely choose their familiar store/brand as their shopping habit.
  • 57% consumer would prefer start their surfing on a certain brand more than retailer’s.
  • 82% of consumers expect to be able to transact with a brand on its website.

“Brand” plays a significant role no matter what kind of business you’re running, besides of expressing who you’re, it provides safety, costs less time in making decision, points out differences, becomes daily story when comes to talk about customer’s experience. Building brand is not a matter you can accomplish in hour or day or month if you don’t have any tips under your sleeves.

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One thing leads to another

Until 2016, Magento has in hand cooperation more than 250,000 companies and in estimated average each of brand possesses 1-2 brands. If your store are promoting more than 3000, 4000 brands being perform at the same time? Yes you have the best reason to take account in building UX customers shopping by brands, no need to be shy in showing confidence that you are official distributor affiliating for many well-known labels.

Consumer wants to shop by their favourite brand, companies want to rock their label in social. Let your store be the bridge between this interesting parties.

Shortest distance still be a straight line

The question is, how we can shorten the time users look up for a brand? Which is the shortest way? Performing all the brand in stock in the landing page? How to catch buyer’s eyes at the first sight? Under 5 second to find your expected brand?

Here one of solution we have supplied by Mageplaza

Shortest distance still be a straight line

Shop by Brand for Magento 2 will gathered all the brand including logo and label, in just one intelligent page. To extent convenience more, advanced searching methods by Typing box and by Alphabetical order were added.

Shop by Brand for Magento 2

If you can’t recall of the exact brand you wish to look up but the first letter of brand name, just type the first letter and a hint drop-down box will be expanded and help you in suggestion. Also, you can see that a logo and short description beside each of brand will supply more rough information, a warm care for both vendors and views.

Shop by Brand for Magento 2

According user experience’s model nowadays, store owners often combine Shop By Brand with Layered Navigation, apply it to the search results pages, which is constantly supported and welcome by positive comments. This perfect combination has been added in Ultimate package of Mageplaza Layered Navigation for Magento 2.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Mageplaza even adds SEO-friendly URL to help your store perform better in SEO-ranking, take advantage of this and let users know they can even investigate your product by typing keyword of product in search engine. As you can see, the URL contains your store hierarchy which appears professionally.

Shop by Brand for Magento 2

No wonder why your traffic and revenue will explode significantly! Add to card Shop by Brand for Magento 2 and shake your business right today.

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